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I’m putting this out there not to change anyone’s mind, but to touch on some areas I think the McCain campaign has managed poorly. This is essentially what I would have done different if I was McCain’s campaign manager.

The wealth an American earns should be left to them to use as they choose. Barack Obama seeks to increase the taxes of wealthy Americans. It is no secret he believes in redistribution of wealth, just ask our friend Joe the Plumber. Tired rhetoric aside, what the McCain campaign has failed to do is give you the facts on how government revenues actually DECREASE from higher taxes. I’ll use the capital gains tax as an example. Presently, the long-term capital gains tax rate stands at 15% and will until 2010. What this means is the government rewards people for holding onto their wealth for a longer period of time. Barack Obama seeks to increase this tax to 28%, essentially punishing Americans for accumulating wealth. History has proven that government revenue actually goes down from a higher capital gains tax rate.

Now, I don’t claim to understand the American tax system, but I think I understand why tax increases hurt us and I believe this theory would apply to all types of income taxes. America has been at the top of the world in innovation and wealth for a long time. We rely on investments in new technologies, new research, new developments and scientific breakthroughs to drive our success. These projects are largely funded by wealthy Americans and large corporations in an effort to make new discoveries and grow larger. When you tax the wealthiest and largest companies a greater percentage, you are taking away money that would be used to explore new opportunities for growth. You’re taking away money that is being reinvested into our economy and putting it in government coffers. You’re taking away money that would be given to young people with fresh ideas starting a new business. You’re taking away money our economy needs to continue its growth. For what purpose? We hear so much about how horrible large corporations are, but the truth is their massive wealth keeps our economy growing and keeps us as a world leader on many fronts.

Research and Development might be the first to be cut, but when a company’s revenues go down, stock prices go down and more efforts need to be made to raise the bottom line investors expect. What’s the next cut? Jobs. Hardworking American jobs, because the easiest way to cut costs is to cut jobs. Increased taxes will leave corporations with less money to pay employees with because of the amount they have to pay to the government. The proposed Obama tax increases would only make our problem worse. He claims most Americans would get a tax cut, but what do you think is more important; Americans keeping their jobs or paying less taxes before they end up getting laid off? I choose my job. I choose not to let my government invest in social projects such as Welfare that only perpetuate the cycle and reward laziness. It’s time people learned to work for their money again. It’s time our government stopped giving people a sense of entitlement and told them to get off their fat asses and earn it for a change. We’re a great society failing because people feel they deserve certain things. The Constitution does not guarantee you a right to wealth. It allows you the freedom to seek that dream.

Don’t let Barack Obama fool you. In a recent military poll done by a military newspaper, 75% of active-duty soldiers are voting McCain! These men and women have been there, these men and women understand why the United States needs to be involved and maintain its presence across the world. I didn’t always feel we needed to be involved across the world. But in seeing what I’ve seen and learning what I’ve learned in my career, I understand the world needs America to maintain balance and security. Don’t let Barack Obama tell you we’re the bully on the playground! America seeks to fight both militarily and diplomatically for the good people in the world! A middle-east without a U.S. presence WILL fall under the heavy influence of the Iranian extremists.

Don’t be a follower, be independent. Our generation has a reputation of being lazy and a slave to trends. Barack Obama is a trend. Don’t fall into the trap. We are the future of this country and we cannot allow it to suffer under the inexperience and radical ideas of this man. Send this out/tag anyone interested!


Jason Ellis


Back in Korea!!

Hello from Korea!

I am once again writing from a room at the Millennium Seoul Hilton hotel. I love it here! Hot as hell though, insane humidity, worse than Orlando!

We arrived last night after getting two hours of sleep following my sister's wedding/reception. The wedding was beautiful and probably could not have gone any better. I'm very happy for her and now I've got a brother! Lots of fun was had.

I'll post some pictures when I get some!


Well, lots has happened for me in just a few short weeks!

I'm dating a girl and I have a cat! I am also typing this from my iPhone 3G. Awesome phone!

First, I'm dating a great girl! I finally get why people in relationships are always so "busy", and it is very nice. I really enjoy her company. She is fantastic and even as I type this in the Birmingham airport, I miss her!

Why am I at the airport? My sister is getting married Friday!! And the morning after the wedding I hop a plane to South Korea for two weeks for work.

So all-in-all I will be out of Huntsville for three straight weeks. Crazy long trip and normally I would be extremely excited, and I am excited but she gives me a reason to look forward to coming back. Might almost say she makes it feel like a home and I already miss her!

That's all for now. More later!

Not yet!!

What an amazing trip this has been. I'm not at all ready to leave yet, but our work is done, so we have to go :(

I thought I would have missed home at least a little, but I really don't. It has been an incredible experience, I've learned a lot, and I've been able to share my knowledge as well with. And the guys in the unit we support were awesome and a ton of fun to work and hang out with. The Korean people have also been extremely friendly, and have excellent memories! I've been in town just a few times to do some shopping in the 10 or so days I have been here, and the shopkeepers remember me from days before, and because of this, give me deals for returning.

Can't wait to do this again! I'll have a larger, more detailed entry sometime on Sunday if I am up to it. I get back late Saturday.


Hello from Seoul, South Korea!

Even between countries and cultures one thing remains the same: hijacking wireless internet.

This place seems pretty cool though so far, have not done anything but the hotel is nice, all of the lighting is remote controlled. We're staying at the Millennium Seoul Hilton. The 14.5 hour flight was not nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be, it was kinda pleasant, very smooth, and went by pretty fast. I barely slept and I watched SuperBad twice. That movie will never get old.

So it's about 5:40am Sunday here...making it about 2:40pm central time! We're going to go have breakfast on base, then go check out some ancient palaces and some other stuff, pictures to come!


So I found out today that I get an all expense paid trip to Auburn, courtesy of my employer!!! We go to the big career fair at the AU hotel and conference center! So I'll spend the night of Feb 5 in Auburn!!!

Anyone looking for a job, come find me!

Work is fun!

Cool story of the day.

I teach a class at my office, it's an all day thing and we get all kinds of different people that come in and participate in it. Today we had some people from DC in it and one of them was an Auburn grad! A recent one too! She graduated this past May with a double major in aero and poli sci! I had not before met a recent Auburn grad in my work area, so it was awesome to see another one out there. We talked a bit about our fav. classes and professors. It was a good day.

Whatever Hapened to Loyalty?

What the hell, I'm pissed. Because the internet is buzzing with rumors that our kick ass defensive coordinator, Will Muschamp, appears to be leaving.

And not even for a head coaching position, but following right in Gene Chizik's footsteps to be DC at Texas. What the hell?

Just a few days after he exclaimed after the Chick-fil-a Bowl that "Anyone out there that wants to be a winner needs to become an Auburn Tiger.", and after Tuberville lays his ass on the line to get raises for his assistants and make him one of the highest paid coordinators in football, he goes and interviews at Texas, now there are huge rumors he has accepted it.


He has the best opportunity right now with Auburn. A stellar, very young defense that was near the top in such huge categories as scoring defense, rush, and pass defense this year, and a defense with a ton of returning starters next year. There is such a huge amount of promise at Auburn and now he wants to leave to go coach the shit in Texas? Come on man.

I know it is just a job to these guys, but loyalty is such an important thing to me, and I think to Auburn men and women in general. He turned down 3 head coach positions (So. Miss, Ga Tech, and Arkansas), only to leave for Texas? I think what is pissing me off most here is that Auburn is looking like a stepping stone. What the hell is so great about Texas? Overrated team in an overrated conference. We are not a stepping stone, we are one of the top programs in the national and in the best and toughest conference in the country. Gah this just really pisses me off.

Link to a very up-to-date Auburn blog:


By the way, this commercial completely blows me away. It kicks ass.

2007 ended strong, and 2008 looks to be even better. Happy New Year everyone!

Enough of that, let's talk football. Last night was HUGE for Auburn. Allow me to put it into perspective with some bullets:

- Auburn only had 8 days to learn the spread offense before we ran it for the first time ever last night.

The results?
- Brandon Cox had the highest number of completed passes in his career- 25
- We had the most total offensive yards of the season with 414 yards
- Those 414 yards were earned against (if I remember correctly) the #6 ranked defense in the country.
- We ran a season high 89 offensive plays, and dominated time of possession.


Spread Offense? HELL YEAH. I cannot wait for next year. If Kodi Burns becomes our starting QB, I feel bad for opposing defenses. He is not all that comfortable passing yet, but he did throw for a TD to another freshman, Mario Fannin, and ran for the one that won us the game in overtime.

All-in-all a phenomenal bowl game. I was worried at first, but it was very, very exciting to see a new system in for our offense. I may actually want to go to A-day this year and get a look at it again.